Paolo Tripodi

Médico Especialista
Especialidad: Angiología y Cirugía Vascular
Especialidad: Cirugía Vascular
Hospitales donde trabaja:
  • Hospital Universitari Sagrat Cor
Especialidades que atiende:
  • Cirugía Vascular

Médico adjunto en hospitales públicos y privados, experiencia en diagnóstico vascular no invasivo


Médico cirujano especialista en Angiología y Cirugía Vascular

Técnicas endovasculares y quirúrgicas abiertas

Doctorando en la UB

Docencia para estudiantes de Medicina

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Gómez-Monterrosas O., Scalone G., Tripodi P., Mestres G., Riambau V. Hybrid approach for complicated Type B aortic dissection. Kardiol Pol. 2017;75(10):1052

In May 2008, speaker at the National Conference " Scilla Cuore" (Scilla, Italy). In May 2009, discussant at the national congress "Scilla Cuore" (Scilla, Italy).

In October 2010, speaker at the International Congress "AECVP 4TH BIENNIAL MEETING" - Lisbon.

In December 2010, speaker at the European conference of Echocardiography (EURECHO) - Copenhagen.

In January 2011, discussant at the Regional Congress of the Italian Group Cardiac

Rehabilitation (GIRC)

In February 2012, discussants at the conference inter-regional Federative Cardiology College (CFC)

In October 2012 speaker at the "X National Congress of the Federative College of cardiology"

In October 2014 speaker at the congress DIVA II-Insubria

In June 2015 speaker at SITE congress

He participated in various conferences of Cardiology and Vascular Surgery

Rewiever for International Journal of Cardiology